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At Christina T. Sherman, PLLC we pride ourselves in being an all woman law firm! We love nothing more than to help empower families to make the loving, supportive families they deserve. In the fall of 2023, attorney Christina Sherman had the privilege of leading an all women team in a contested adoption to help the K family fulfill their dreams of a stepparent adoption for three of their children simultaneously. Mom, Jordan, demonstrated courage and determination to establish a loving and safe home for her children. Their adoption day was a dream come true for everyone involved!

Christina T. Sherman - Adoption Attorney
Stepdad and stepdaughter sharing a happy moment together in Washington State, real clients represented successfully by family lawyer Christina T. Sherman.


While the “A” family has been together since their eldest daughter, TD, was only 3 years old, it took another nine years for this family to make it official.  Some stepparent adoptions are harder fought than others, and this one was very hard fought.  However, after a lengthy stepparent adoption trial conducted by attorney Christina Sherman, the court was unequivocal that this stepparent adoption was definitely in TD’s best interest. We were all smiles and (happy) tears on TD’s adoption day!

Same Sex Adoption

Gene, Jason, & Baby H.

Sometimes miracles come early and for Gene and Jason, that’s exactly what happened.

Gene and Jason’s beautiful boy was born in West Virginia, a little early.  As a result, Gene and Jason had a bit of a stay in West Virginia while Baby H. was cared for in the NICU. Our firm represented Gene and Jason in their interstate newborn adoption and helped them through the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) to bring their baby home as quickly as possible.  They received the best Christmas present EVER when Baby H. was adopted on a snowy day in December 2022. Being part of Gene and Jason’s adoption journey was an honor and joy for our law firm. 

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Lightning Strikes Twice!

Nate and Jess had long dreamed of having a family.  Their dreams became a reality twice over in 2022!  We could not wipe the smiles off of our face when Nate and Jess called us letting us know that they matched with not one, but TWO expectant mothers, who were due within days of each other! While Nate and Jess live in Indiana, Baby W. was born here in Washington.  Our firm represented Nate and Jess in their interstate adoption which finalized Baby W.’s adoption a week before Christmas 2022! While Nate and Jess haven’t slept much this year, their hearts are overflowing with love and gratitude for their two beautiful babies! 

Grandchildren's adoption

Grandchildren’s Adoption

Connie and Eddie had been raising their 4 beautiful grandchildren, Jasiah, Keyana, Alice, and Jamila, for nearly the children’s whole lives. It was a special moment when we were able to finalize their adoption — and have the court legally recognize the family they have been for years. Goes to show you — from infants to teenagers — everyone loves an adoption bear!

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Baby E.'s Adoption​

There’s fast, and then there’s Baby E. fast!

When Nicole and Toney called our office to assist with their adoption, Baby E. was due that week. Our firm cleared our calendars, called in some favors, and were able to get Nicole and Toney ready to adopt baby E well before his arrival. While it’s not an understatement to say that it was a lil’ stressful, the stress was quickly replaced by overwhelming joy when Nicole and Toney met the handsome Mr. E. Nicole and Toney are pictured here with their bundle of joy.

National adoption day

National Adoption Day 2021

National Adoption Day 2021 was very special! Carlos was one of only two children in Washington State to have an in-person adoption for National Adoption Day. Adoptive parents Tim and Bree were able to make their dreams come true and their family complete by adopting Carlos. Their family and friends were able to join them in the courtroom in person and via Zoom for their special day! Our law firm is so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of Carlos’ incredible adoption journey.

The Blackmore family

The Blackmore Family

The Blackmore family has loved and cared for “Z” his entire life. Z was placed with the Blackmore family as an infant through the foster care system. It was their truest hope to adopt Z. However, for a long time the Blackmores did not know whether or not they would be able to be Z’s forever family. On this wonderful day, Z finally and forever joined the Blackmore family as their son. Their joy was uncontainable!

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The Webber family

The Webber family

It is the rare client that could be described as “frequent fliers” with Christina T. Sherman, PLLC. The Webber family are those people; adopting 4 children: Zariah, Emilee, Benny, and Serenity in four separate adoptions. Their friend, Loriann, also adopted Zariah’s sister Harley. Christina represented the Webbers and Loriann in all five adoptions. The photo was taken after Serenity, the youngest child, was adopted. It is a true gift to represent such generous clients!

Harley's adoption

Harley’s adoption

Sometimes dreams really do come true in the courtroom. When 5-year old Harley came to her adoption, she was so grateful she asked if she could read the judge a letter. He, of course, agreed, and Harley took the opportunity to tell the judge how happy she was to get to be with her mom forever. She also was really excited about her adoption party! There was not a dry eye in the courtroom on Harely’s adoption day.

Cathryn's adoption

Cathryn’s adoption

Good things come to those who wait. Cathryn received her adoption from her stepfather Damian as a birthday present from her mom, Devon — 2 days after she turned 18! It was delightful to help this lovely family legally formalize their long time father-daughter relationship.

Fabian's adoption

Fabian’s adoption

It was a wonderful day when I was able to help ElvyMae and her lovely son Fabian finalize their adoption! Fabian was excited to go to court so he could get his passport, which he needed to visit his overseas grandfather for the first time! Fabian was born in Iowa, had a birth mother in Saipan, a birth father in Texas, and was being adopted in Washington — it was a truly interstate adoption!

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